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Day 6: 29/11/19: Jodhpur  

we kicked off the day with cycle tour introduced by zostel jodhpur and varun vivek, a fellow volunteer at zostel. We had a very nice city tour around the old city of jodhpur on bicycles and also tasted some pretty famous food items on the way. Immediately after starting we had matka chai from a locally famous chai wala, followed by which we went on to look for rani lake and an adjoint lake which was used by other people from there we went on to a hillock had some fresh air, visited two of the stepwells, bicycled back to the city, explored local vegetable markets, small-scale industries and production, in-house stores, and cycled through the gullis and streets.

After the bicycle tour we went back to zostel took bath, had daal bati in breakfast and went on bikes to look out the bullet baba temple which is in the outer circle of the city, after that we went to a temple which was situated on a hillock and just by the side there was a lake, the view from the hillock towards lake was very fascinating and took us to another vibe. We all spent around an hour or more just lying down peacefully near the edge of the hillock and then came back.

The evening we spent in the city having food tour and witnessing the night life of the city, and in the night we all went to a club nearby and some spent some time with each other before we all get dispersed again.

Day 7: 30/11/19: Udaipur (260 kms)

Next day I started a bit late as we spent time altogether till late night. I left jodhpur around 10 30 having breakfast on the way at a dhaba and rode continuously for 4 hours without any stops. I had lunch around 3 30 and started of again till I reach moustache Udaipur. Moustache is also situated in the city centre amidst the gallis with all “the shor in the city” which also had a very beautiful view of the Udaipur lake. Kept my luggage at room and went on for a walk in the city centre and also alongside the lake. It was very fascinating to watch the city in that angle and also the lake uphelded its beauty that night.

Day 8: 01/12/19: Udaipur – Ahmedabad (260 kms)

The next day I started with city palace, entry fees is 250 rs and camera fee is charged separate, then lake pichola and then returned back to moustache. I couldn’t explore more of Udaipur as I was circumscribed by the time. I prepared myself and then started my return journey back towards Ahmedabad. It took me 6 hours to reach ahmedabad and was there by 7 30 pm.

My whole journey of rajasthan on a bike solo trip was roller coaster ride. Sometimes I got into harsh problems, sometimes I had discomforts, and sometimes I got myself killed but in the end it all ended to be a part of good memory. In the mornings I couldn’t tolerate the extreme cold weather, the temperature would drop to 3 to -1, I was out of any equipment to protect myself from that extreme cold but still made it to my destinations.

Everybody while travelling have their own problems, but they still do everything they can to reach their destination, to complete their journey, to meet their expectations, to have their joy. Travelling is what makes you a complete man. It makes you independent, wiser, makes you love even small things and actions, develops open mindedness, teaches to be patient at any time and many more. 

In the end i just wanna say KEEP TRAVELLIN’ KEEP LIVIN’

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