Who am I

Hello. My name is Samarth Satish Thite. I am a Karnataka, India-based writer, photographer, digital nomad, Instagrammer, solo rider, foodie, and a Traveller.

Currently i am perceiving bachelors in Tourism and Travel administration, in state of Karnataka. I believe in  sustainable travel, embracing local ways of life, spending time with native communities, and exploring places off the beaten path.

I have created this blog for three reasons: for sharing my travel experiences, for fulfilling my travel-dreams (as it helps me make money and sustain my travel lifestyle) and to teach others the art of travel blogging.

How I like to travel

I’m a backpacker, I like to blend into nature and local communities, I like to stay in off beat accommodations, seek local experiences and don’t believe in counting every penny I spend. I like to explore the places and destinations bit by bit, get under the skin of a place, spend time with locals and try the local cuisine; group travel with a fixed itinerary is just not for me.

I am into adventure, offbeat and slow travel. I discourage the idea of ticking places off a list and encourage visiting places with a deeper perspective and gaining experiences in life. Because I go very slow, I often travel alone and make friends on the road.

I am into adventure travel, which is something more than just participating in extreme activities like bungy jumping and skydiving. This adventure travel has helped me break out of my comfort zone, immerse myself in different cultures, challenge my assumptions about foreign lands and understand the world from a different perspective.


In two ways actually…

One, by acting as a travel blog. I will share my personal travel accounts, destination-specific itineraries, and useful travel tips.

Other than this, I will share Travel Blogging Tips. I will help people Start A Travel Blog from scratch and make it efficient to a point that it starts generating revenues for them.