Who am I

Hello. My name is Samarth Satish Thite. I am a writer, photographer, digital nomad, instagrammer, solo rider, foodie and interesting of all a Traveller.

Currently i am perceiving bachelors in Tourism and Travel administration, in state of Karnataka. I believe in  sustainable travel, embracing local ways of life, spending time with native communities, and exploring places off the beaten path.

How I like to travel

I’m a backpacker, I like to blend into nature and local communities, I like to stay in off beat accommodations, seek local experiences and don’t believe in counting every penny I spend. I like to explore the places and destinations bit by bit, get under the skin of a place, spend time with locals and try the local cuisine; group travel with a fixed itinerary is just not for me.

My goals

to climb at least 4 of seven summits.

to get my article/blog published in a well known travel magazine.

to travel Switzerland and taste home brewed wine and cheese, and many more