Day 1: 24/11/19 : statue of unity


A possible 8th wonder of the world !

I took an Air India flight from Hubli to Surat via goa, to stop by at the great super structure of India, the world’s tallest statue, The statue of Unity.
Statue of unity is a marvellous creation of this era which is 182 metres tall and includes Labourship of more than 3000 workers, craftmanship of exactly 300 engineers from Larsen and Turbo, who built this statue within three and half years at an estimated cost of 2,063 crore rupees.
The statue of unity was built by using around 129 tonnes of iron implements from nearly 100 million farmers across villages of all states. The statue faces towards narmada river.
I took a local bus from Surat early morning to reach the place kevadiya, which is where statue is situated, at around 2 in afternoon. I was astonished looking at the long queue standing at the ticket counter and also the pick-up point. So i went to cloak room first and deposited my bag and thought to eat something as I was starving to death. But the problem was i hardly had 150 Rs cash in my hand and the food court near ticketing counter didn’t accept cards and there were no E-payment options. I came back and joined the queue disappointed and of course starving standing in the hot sun, i thought it could take longer for my turn to arrive, but the management was so smooth, I had my ticket in my hand in just 15 mins…. by the time 2 30 I was standing in the pick-up vehicle line.
There are continuous multi axle buses who play the role of pick-up vehicles. I hopped in and the first stop was glorious statue of unity. I enjoyed my time at the place with the scenic view around it and specially the architecture of the statue. The place has been equipped with all the essential facilities and also ancillary facilities. There are escalators, travellators, viewing gallery, food court, garden, benches to sit, hygienic washrooms etc. I didn’t waste even a second and started moving all around exploring everything they had, they even had a self-photo booth but was temporarily closed due to some problem.
By the time I could finish statue of unity it was 4 30 already, and i had to move because I didn’t have cash in my hand and there was no further planning, but I had whoosh off from there to reach Ahmedabad next day.
I spent my other two hours there viewing the great Narmada river, valley of flowers, the sardar Vallabhai Patel museum. It was a very superb experience to be there witnessing the extraordinary achievement of India. Although I missed the light and sound show which is organized every night over the Narmada dam.
I came back to cloak room, collected my luggage and rushed towards the local bus stop from where I could get a bus to Ahmedabad. Local buses were not well connected to the cities especially in the nights. One had to take either taxis or personal vehicles or else pre-book Volvo buses. Neither I had pre-booked nor I had enough money to take taxi. It was almost 8 and the last bus to Ahmedabad was at 8:30, but that day the bus got late and it arrived around 9:45. There were too many people waiting for that bus, but still I somehow managed to get inside. Unfortunately I didn’t get any seat… i had to stand for hours, I remember it was late night and i was all tired with no proper food and energy but a friend kept my company and held me together so that I don’t breakdown, and i believe that’s what best friends do !
So this was my experience at the statue of unity, if you also have an experience please go on and share with me..
The next episode will be uploaded soon so please stay tuned !

narmada river going through some developmental work

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