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I had left statue of unity taking a bus towards Ahmedabad.

Day 2: 25/11/19: Ahmedabad

I reached Ahmedabad at around 4 30 in morning, and immediately hired a taxi to my room which I had booked on the way in bus through oyo, I went to the room threw my bagpack, got some sleep, took bath and soon I was on the streets of the “MANCHESTER OF INDIA” as I couldn’t waste my time because I only had a single day to witness the beauty of vast city.

But unfortunately, it was Monday and lots of places were closed on that day so I could only visit some places. I visited the auto world vintage car museum, river front park and Nehru bridge.

People think Gujarat is mainly famous for fabrics and diamonds, but not just that, Believe me Gujarat is the best state in India for any foodie…. The varieties, the fusions, the taste and the matter of fact that they could be available 24*7 makes it even better. The people over there are sooo crazy about the food that you could see everyone hanging out having at least some type of eatable in their hand near the bridge or the riverfront and spending time with their friends, family, with their loved ones, summoned up my memories of my friends and family. What a great city it is, what a great people. I had so much fun in the night food streets (which usually start after 8pm) also referred as “KHAU GALLI”, always filled up with people in great numbers. I ate so many things alone, I wish if I had any partner for my trip that time I could have eaten a lot more things.

After all this I came back to room around 11 30 pm, and directly went to sleep. I had pre booked a bike on Royal brothers bike rental company and had to pick it up at 9 in the  morning.

I had to tell you about this one local drink that is SOSYO. This was an amazing drink and resembles OMR in taste

These are the pictures of some food tour I took

Special pav bhaji – 110 rs

Tawa pulav – 120 rs

Mix fruit ice cream – 30 rs

Egg Pomplet – 250 rs

SOSYO – 10 rs

Fruit shots – 20 rs

Day 3: 26/11/19: Ahmedabad to sam sand dunes (580kms)

The bike ride starts over here. Thanks to royal brothers bike rentals for their reliable service. I setup my action camera to the bike, and was all set with helmet and hand in gloves and departed from Ahmedabad around 9 – 9 30 am. I had breakfast after exiting the city around 11 30 am. It took me a lot of time to get out of the city because of its disastrous traffic. After having my breakfast I drove non stop till 5 pm in the evening and had covered around 330 kms till then. I had the famous shev tamatar and 4 phulkas for lunch which costed me exactly 90 Rs.

I again proceeded with my journey of completing 200 kms before 9pm. I had booked a tent stay at sam sand dunes ahead of Jaisalmer and the cultural shows would start at 9 and I didn’t want to miss them. But the path was so dark that I was not able to see even the road properly. I nearly missed two times from having an accident because of the dark. The truck had single small light and was driving rashly and had nearly come over me, thanks to my instincts I was saved somehow.

I reached my tent stay around 9 30 and the cultural dance was over till then. But I could watch men playing with the fire and making it look like a fools play. Even that made my day, at last after driving around 10-11 hours I had a wonderful sleep in those tents with the heavy breezes of cold thin air. The temperature had dropped till -2 degree Celsius that day and I was sleeping unconsciously even without the blanket.

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