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Day 4: 27/11/19: Jaisalmer (45 kms)

The next day morning I left at around 7 30 am towards Jaisalmer city which was around 45 kms away from dunes. The special activities of sam sand dunes were camel safari, jeep safari and quad bike safari, but I didn’t do any of the activities as I had finished camel and jeep safaris earlier. They charge you around 500-700 for camel safari and around 2000 Rs for jeep safari. I would suggest you to opt camel safari as its way much cool to experience it on the deserts than anywhere else.

I had my breakfast on the way at a place called chirag. After having my breakfast, I visited kuldhara village which is an abandoned and haunted village, listed in top 3 haunted places of India. It is a village built by paliwal brahmins during 13th century, but had abandoned the village overnight because of a minister of the Jaisalmer fort. From then no one could ever survive in this village overnight.

After reaching the city I booked a room and had a nice hot water bath as I couldn’t do it in sand dunes because of the cold weather. Kept my backpack in the room and carried only camera with me for the city tour.

Then I visited kothari’s patwon ki haveli. Ghuman chand patwa with the purpose of gifting it to his five children built a elaborate mansion facing it to the Jaisalmer fort. But after the patwas abandoned Jaisalmer his native jeevanlal kothari bought this place. The mansion Is divided into 5 different parts and two of them are separated for tourism activities, in which the antique and the things used then are showcased.

After this the next destination was Jaisalmer fort, the only living fort in the world. The ¼ of the population still resides inside the fort. Jaisalmer fort was pure beauty. Its super structure giant walls which saved the fort from the attack of enemies, and the usage of that fort from the local people till now makes it even more attractive. The fort has art galleries and painters within itself. They can make a painting of you over a T-shirt, painting sheets within half an hour or so.

 After exploring the great walls and housings which nearly took me more than two and half hours, I went on for salam singh ki haveli which is popularly known as moti mahal.

From there I went on to a lake called gadisar lake, had some time spared at the bank of the lake, took some photos and came back to my stay.

Day 5: 28/11/19: jodhpur (290 kms)

I left Jaisalmer early in the morning around 6 to reach my destination around 1 30. I had been empty stomach from morning, to taste the great “LAAL MAAS” (mutton dish) of jodhpur, A quite famus traditional dish I could have never missed. I had brunch in a quite famous and old restaurant called Kalinga which was situated in market exactly opposite to jodhpur railway station. A thing which disturbed me very much was that chicken was lot expensive compared to mutton. LAAL MAAS costed 180 rs. After which I immediately went to zostel jodhpur which is in city centre which was filling up very fast. I checked in at zostel got freshen up and met some random guys who now are my travel friends. we have a whatsapp group and talk regularly to plan trips.

We all together took off to witness the massive Mehrangarh fort which is one of the largest forts in India built in around 1459 by rao jodha. looking from the fort’s ramparts, “BLUE CITY” Jodhpur stretches out below showcasing the entire old city jodhpur and its cool cerulean painted houses contrasting again earthy tones of the arid landscape. This was the India at its most spectacular.

After enjoying that spectacular view, we went on to Jaswant Thada which serves as cremation ground for the royal family of marwar. This mausoleum is built out of intricately carved marbel which display a warm glow when illuminated by the sun. The cenotaph displays portraits of rulers and maharajas of jodhpur.

After this we went on to have some adventure amidst Rao jodha desert park which was created to restore natural ecology of a large rocky wasteland. We had great fun, hiking in this man made formation finding trails to exit with having a great view of the fort and the scenic interpretations. It contained a lake inbetween which was a very relaxing point, we could see the point where “The Batman” movie was filmed. After doing all the adventures, manoeuvres to find the exit without loosing the trail, which at a point we lost and somehow went to the exit point referring the map which we were provided.

Finishing all these activities it was already around 7 and we were returning to zostel through the gallis and chals of jodhpur witnessing the blue paint of the houses which contributed a great view to the streets and giving it a vibe.

From around 9 pm we all hung out at the roof top café of zostel sharing our stories of past, plans of future, and of course the chatter, and also making plan of actions for the next day. I had great time around with the new buddies I was just introduced to.

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