Solo Travel

I wasn’t a born solo traveller.

When I started as a solo traveller, the insecurities of mind โ€” right from getting bored travelling alone to not having anyone watching my back โ€” were playing their part. But as I left home and a few months passed, I realized that solo travelling was not as challenging as it initially appeared. I had no idea that I will be hooked to the idea of solo travelling so much that I would never want to travel in a group again.

It is true that at times, particularly in the beginning, I felt a little lonely. But as I gained a little experience, finding people to speak to, or someone to share a drink with, never became a challenge. 

Though it is true that at times I had my fair share of bad experiences too (including when I was almost dead by accidents like two-three times) but coming out of those experiences, I found a better and more confident version of myself.

And then again, solo travelling has the ultimate freedom to it, which makes it so much better and more fun. You can rest whenever you want and pour it on when youโ€™re feeling ambitious. There is absolutely nobody to stop you from doing what you want to do.