Travel Gears

Your travel gear makes just as much difference to your overall travelling experience, as the people you’re travelling with or the hotel room you’re staying in, does. If the gear you’re using isn’t the best and meant for the particular journey, it’s only going to end up lying in your suitcase, adding to the weight.

I use travel products that are small in size, lightweight, and durable.  I always advise people to only invest in the best.

But there’s more to Packing Smart than just investing in the most expensive travel product available out there. Different destinations and different weather conditions at the same destination may also require some brainstorming. For example, carrying a suitcase may make perfect sense if you’re going on a holiday in Europe, but if you carry the same suitcase for travelling somewhere in the Indian Himalayas you’re only going to make your journey tougher.

For effecient packing consider following things:

  • the basic infrastructure at the place you’re travelling to (because a minus 10 degree Celcius weather in the Indian Himalayas may require you to pack more woollens than a minus 10-degree Celcius weather in Switzerland).
  • The mode of transportation you will be using the most. Are you going to be travelling in rickety public buses or comfy taxis (and then decide what luggage you should be carrying — a backpack or a rolling suitcase).
  • Is it going to be a luxury experience or a budget trip?
  • How different the weather is going to be, compared to your previous visit. (if its first visit, check the weather forecast on your journey dates)
  • What did you regret the most for not carrying during your previous trip?

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